Metaphorically and Physically

“You’ve all heard of chick lit – now get ready for Chiclet. Gum, in the process of being chewed, narrates each story. The chewers deal with heartbreak and budding love, the perils of online dating and the dangers of embezzling money, all while their faithful gum offers “juicy blasts” of flavor like “Cherry Jubilee” and “Fruity Explosion” to keep them going. Kirwan writes with compassion and a clear sense of who her characters are… this collection is sweet and endearing in its own way.”
--Kirkus Review

“This clever confection comes wrapped in an inviting cover that shows a collage of chewed gum in bright colors. Peeling back the cover of this book reveals third-person stories about the joys and sorrows of various interrelated characters, with first-person commentary interjected by the chewing gum of each protagonist. These sweets have as much personality as their people. One hopes for more fiction from Kirwan that will stick with the audience; after all, she still has many more flavors to write about.”
--Clarion Review

Professional reviews:

Over 150 million Americans chew gum, and the practice dates back further than when gum was initially commercially produced in the late 1800s.  We chew it while playing sports, when socializing, when working, or just before a date.  Kids, adults, and seniors love it all the same.  Whether for pleasure, to relieve stress, or freshen our breath, we enjoy the oral pleasures of chomping on gum, from gumballs and bubble gum to Chiclets and sticks of gum.  Author Cheryl Kirwan has written an authentic new book of short stories where the main characters chew gum and the stories are narrated, in part, by the gum they are chewing.

"Unique creative writing!!!", M. Hart

"Class Act Read", Diana. L

"Fantastic collection of short stories!",
"Amazing read with creative storytelling", Ryan
"Fun, Relateable , Short stories!!",
"You’ll never look at gum the same way again. . .", Mike
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What if each piece of discarded gum could tell the story of how it got there?

Chewed Confessions is a delicious twist to the joys and sorrows of everyday life!

Chewed Confessions, is a series of thought-provoking, linked short stories, using an inventive supposition to share a variety of human experiences, as related by the animated stick of gum that traveled with each person on a given day. From this intimate vantage, these humorous, heartfelt stories together explore a broad spectrum of everyday life, from affairs of the heart to matters of conscience. With rich insight and reflection, this original work of literature reveals the daily struggles we all face with doing the right thing. In this series of nine diverse short stories, each unique piece of gum narrates the thoughts and actions of the characters once it enters his or her mouth. Each gum has its own flavor, and its own insightful understanding of the journey it is taking.

Chewed Confessions offers life lessons and insights – some sweet, some sour, just as the spectrum of chewing gum offers a wide variety of life’s flavors. Each story will make you feel something and leave a good taste in your mouth -- and at the very least, you’ll find yourself reaching for a piece of gum.