You will be intimately taken into these stories of love and lies, financial ruin and disappointment, and of passion and happiness. There are nine interconnected stories, each exploring a number of themes, values, and life lessons, including:

Jason and his cherry jubilee gum—he seeks perfection in everything, including the women he dates, which blinds him to seeing the possibilities of being with some amazing people.
Abby and her peppermint gum—she learns that entering into a relationship is an adventure of unknowns, leaving us vulnerable. But when red flags appear, we must remove our emotions from the discussion and make smart choices.
 •Piper and her clove gum – she shows us that by shifting our thinking process, we can generate amazing results. In her case, Piper overcomes losing her job and a near foreclosure of her house.

 • Peter and his minty chocolate gum—he shows the key to overcoming a deficit is to stay true to your vision or belief and not be swayed by outside confusion or competing interest.

*Rita and her cinnamon gum-she battles corporate structure despite her hand in the creation.  Her research uncovers the real truth behind it all.

* Matthew and his mega mint delight gum-he is cunning and unrelenting in his pursuit to be rich.  His weakness catches up with him and all hell breaks loose.

* Artie and his summer mint gum-the love he has for his wife is sincere and true, but his wife has a different set of moral compass.

*Rudy and his triple bubble gum-young love is pure and innocent and he proves it with guidance from a very special man in his life.

* Lester and his fruity explosion gum-he shows the world how being a unique individual will give great rewards.

Chewing gum has been in the United Nations, Pentagon and Whitehouse  You will find it participating at the World Series, Super Bowl and at the Indy 500.  It regularly visits Harvard, Stanford and Martin Luther King High School  It has been to the Oscars.  It won induction into the Guinness Book of World Records.

It has not killed anyone, but a few people have been choked up over it!

Chewed Confessions uses an inventive supposition to share a variety of human experiences, as related by the animated stick of gum that traveled with each person on a given day.  From this intimate vantge, these humorous, heartfelt stories together explore a broad spectrum of everyday life, from affairs of the heart to matters of conscience. 

We have gathered here to confess a few of the adventures we experienced in the theater of life with our admiring human hosts. More than likely you have walked over or stepped on us as we lay on the sidewalk. You may have recently stepped on one of us with a story that might have common threads to your own life’s story.”