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Thank you for visiting my website.  Here is a snapshot of how I came up with the idea for Chewed Confessions.

The custom of telling stories using gum as the storyteller developed when I created a storytelling game to fill 90-minute daily car rides to my workplace while entertaining my daughter, Jessica.

Every morning before leaving for the long journey, we popped a stick of our favorite gum into our mouths, chewed until the gum was soft, and then spat it out and commenced with our gum stories. The stories were tales of the gum’s travels.

Many years later, I was on a business trip in New York City. While walking down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, I noticed an amazing amount of discarded gum wads on the sidewalks. It reminded me of the days when Jessica and I would create stories from gum.

I thought it would be interesting if each one of those pieces of gum could talk and tell the adventure it had experienced with its human host, thus, the adult version of Chewed Confessions was born.